Tight Climb

For Gravical Fanaticals, Chickenhead Lovers, Craggers, & Sandbaggers

Tight Climb’s Hand Repair Bar is an all natural, ultra moisturizing solid hand bar that helps heal and promote healthy skin. 

All hand bars are hand crafted in small batches.  The hand repair bars contain a unique blend of moisturizing oils, emulsifying beeswax, mango & cocoa  butters,  and a  blend of 6 essential oils with astringent, antiseptic, and antifungal properties.  No petroleum!


Hand Repair Bar

Not just for rock climbers!  This is our best seller and can be used by anyone!

Hand Repair Bar 1.30oz 

Price:  $8.00

Hand Repair Bar 0.65oz 

Price:  $5.00